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Free playlist of 200 selected audio-tracks.
Total duration - 11 hours 20 minutes. Demo-access for 30 days.
Fully automated system:
in-office streaming radio and background music
Get access to the full version of our service
and you will get:
  • 1
    Access to the full library of tracks available
    Over 300 000 tracks of different genres, styles and dynamic characteristics, including quarterly updates of the playlists.
  • 2
    100% automation of playback and streaming process
    Customizable schedule streaming, random tracks playback, integration of social, corporate and commercial tracks.
  • 3
    Technical and service support
    Consultations and support on technical issues, as well as support of our music consultants during the process of custom playlists collection.
Demo-samples for various business fields
Banks and financial organizations
SPA and beauty industry
Gas stations
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