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What is audiomarketing?
Audiomarketing is the use of audio content, such as music, sound effects and voice overs to promote a brand, product, or service to a target audience.
Audiomarketing is a proven effective way to influence the emotions and behavior of customers.
Corporate radio is a comprehensive solution that includes elements of background music and audio branding, an internal communication system for informing company employees and shaping a unified corporate culture.
Sonic identity, or audio branding, is the creation of a unique musical composition in accordance with a company's brand platform. The composition may also include an audio logo - a short combination of notes or sounds. Audio branding always goes hand in hand with the visual and semantic components of the brand, helping to convey the mood, attributes, and personality of the brand, as well as increasing memorability and attractiveness of communications.
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Background music is the type of music that plays in retail stores, sales and service offices, restaurants, hotels, and other similar places. As an audio marketing tool, background music allows businesses to control the mood of their visitors and encourage them to take desired actions, such as walking through the store faster or slower, reducing the noise of other customers' conversations, and eliminating the unpleasant silence in the room. We offer a solution that includes the delivery of equipment, setup, and access to continuously updated legal audio content streaming.
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What is the purpose of audiomarketing?
Background music softens the conversations of other visitors and eliminates silence in the room.
Music in advertising allows for increased recall of the advertising and/or informational message.
Music allows businesses to influence customer behavior, thereby increasing revenue.
Audiomarketing creates more emotional, warm relationships between the business and the customer.
Audiobranding creates a more detailed perception of the brand and allows for increased brand recall.
Background music can be particularly effective in reducing perceived waiting time
Research in the field of audiomarketing has shown that
Correctly selected music enhances the emotional impact of a video by 120%.
74% of young consumers better understand a brand's personality through music.
Brands that use audiomarketing elements are 34% more memorable.
Music in advertising increases the memorability of the video.
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LS MEDIA is an international team of like-minded individuals from various fields such as music, marketing, and sales. We create audiomarketing tools that help businesses improve their efficiency.
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