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Music for Smart Teddy

One of our most interesting cases was creating music for the toy Smart Teddy (https://mysmartteddy.com).

Smart Teddy is an interactive smart toy for children aged 2 to 6 that develops children through educational and entertaining content, and encourages desired behaivior, such as brushing teeth or going to bed.

One of the features of Teddy is that the content with which the child interacts is constantly updated from the cloud storage. Another feature is the interactivity of the toy. It is not just a talking teddy bear, but a smart gadget with updated firmware that can tell stories, help form healthy habits, and learn new things.

The founders of this startup wanted to diversify the functionality of Smart Teddy, and commissioned us to create lullabies that became available to all users.

The order was formulated as follows: Universal Christmas content, understandable in almost any country Lullabies that really help the child fall asleep They had to be long enough not to interrupt the falling asleep process They had to be liked by both adults and children

We agreed on Christmas songs with the clients and created arrangements from scratch in the style of children's lullabies.

First of all, we reduced the tempo of the composition. Since the original compositions lasted about 3 minutes, we added musical phrases, improvisational parts, and solo parts. This increased the duration to 10 minutes. This amount of time is sufficient for a smooth and calm falling asleep.

To create a gentle magical sound, we chose guitar and flute. We also used synthesizer sounds, Christmas bells, and xylophone.

At the same time as creating the lullaby style, we took into account the capabilities of the toy Teddy's speakers. We adjusted the frequency balance specifically for the technical characteristics. We carried out mixing and mastering taking into account the style of music and removed all unpleasant frequencies that could interfere with relaxation.

We handed the created package of compositions to the client. You can listen to the lullabies and perhaps use them for your own children by clicking on the tracks below.
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